1. Products cannot be exchanged once sold (except for defective products not caused by human action).
2. Customers should check on the condition of the products immediately after purchase and inform the Company immediately once any defects are discovered. Failure to report on any issues with the products within 7 days (from the date of purchase) is taken as acceptance of the products.
3. The Company will check the problem products and has the right to reject any exchange if the following are found to be true:
a. Products are returned with incomplete packaging;
b. Defects are caused by human error, intentional damage or incorrect usage;
c. Products have not been properly stored;
d. Products with inaccurate or incomplete information attached.
4. Customers should take note of the storage requirements and expiry dates of the products upon purchase and store the product properly; if the product quality has been undermined or if there are defects to the packaging or contents of the products as a result of human negligence or error, the Company will not bear any responsibility.

5. The following products are not exchangeable:
a. Products purchased more than 1 year ago;
b. Products with an expiration period of less than 6 months;
c. Discontinued products:
d. Products with inaccurate or incomplete information attached;
e. Products with defects caused by intentional damage, incorrect usage or improper storage.