E CELL Ion Stem Cell EGH


E Cell V5 + Q10 ion stem cells are active ion stem cells that can effectively balance the body acidic., in order to achieve good health and reduce the chances of cancer. The ion stem cells helps to activate damaged and aging cells, stimulate cell metabolism, protect cells against free radicals. Can restore damaged cells affected, tissue regeneration, activation of your skin, make you younger, more beautiful and radiant skin.

E Cell contains of Apple stemcell, Marine placenta, Marine collagen, Alpha lipoic acid, Tocomin tocotrienols, L Glutathione, Hyaluronic acid, Isoflavones, Q10, Beet Roof, Ginkgo Biloba, Acai berry.

E5 Weight Loss Slimming Management Product Malaysia

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E CELL Ion Stem Cell EGH


-Enchance skin renewal process & reduce the appearance of scars
-Burning of excess body fat & firm up body
-Improve infertility & sterility in male & female
-Reduce the symtoms of rheumafoid arthritis
-Natural skin moisturizing and reduce wrinkless
-Boosting the immune system in body
-Multi anti-oxidant prevent anti-aging

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