Hanhoo 韩后-花痴水漾美肌乐享礼盒 (Floral Extract Moisturizing Package )


This well known HanHoo Moisturizing set effectively replenish aqua for skin, regulate skin water and oil balance, deeply moisturize, make skin full moist, delicate as silk; plant is rich in vitamin C, effectively dilute the skin pigment printing, reduce the deposition of melanin, make skin white and bright, smooth and silky.

  • Hanhoo Moisturize Cleansing Gel 100g
  • Hanhoo Beauty Water 120ml
  • Hanhoo Moisturize Lotion Gel 100g
  • Hanhoo Hydrated Sleeping Mask 100g
  • Hanhoo Hydrated Essence Pro 10ml
  • Hanhoo Beauty Water (Travel kit) 15ml
  • Hanhoo Hydrated Facial Cream  8g
  • Hanhoo Moisture Essence 5g
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