Ham Sap Brew


Drip Be’s Ham Sap Brew is an extraordinary representation of medium-roast Arabica drip coffee, offering chocolate, nutty, rich, and subtly salty notes. Whether you enjoy it black or with your preferred additions, Ham Sap Brew is destined to become your cherished morning companion. With each sip, you’ll embark on a flavor journey that transcends the ordinary, making your mornings truly exceptional. Make every day special with the exquisite Ham Sap Brew by Drip Be.

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Drip Be introduces the exceptional Ham Sap Brew, a delightful addition to your morning routine. Crafted from the finest Arabica beans, Ham Sap Brew offers a tantalizing medium roast with a unique blend of chocolate, nuttiness, rich flavors, and a hint of saltiness. This is the coffee that will transform your daily ritual into an exquisite sensory journey.

The Origin:
Ham Sap Brew originates from the world’s most revered Arabica coffee plantations, where the beans are nurtured by ideal growing conditions. The resulting coffee reflects the terroir and the artistry of its cultivation.

Flavor Profile:
1. Chocolate Enchantment: Ham Sap Brew delights your taste buds with a luxurious infusion of chocolate. Every sip reveals the deep and complex notes of cocoa, creating a coffee experience that’s nothing short of decadent.

2. Nutty Pleasure: A prominent nutty undertone adds a layer of depth and sophistication to the coffee’s profile. The nuttiness in Ham Sap Brew is not only comforting but also provides a satisfying contrast to the richness of the chocolate notes.

3. Rich and Balanced: Ham Sap Brew strikes a harmonious balance between its rich body and the complexities of its flavors. It offers a profound, yet approachable coffee experience, making it an ideal choice for coffee lovers of all preferences.

4. A Hint of Saltiness: The subtle touch of saltiness in Ham Sap Brew adds a unique dimension to your coffee experience. It complements the richness and enhances the overall flavor, creating a symphony of tastes that’s truly captivating.

Medium Roast Excellence:
Ham Sap Brew is carefully medium-roasted to ensure that the inherent qualities of the Arabica beans shine through while imparting a delightful aroma. The result is a coffee that maintains the perfect equilibrium of flavor, body, and character.

Package : 10gm x 1 drip bag


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